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Why is online learning the future of learning

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

The current lock down has helped us to understand the importance of being tech savvy. The vast number of tools and tech has allowed even larger companies stay productive by setting up Work From Home possibilities.

This difficult time has also produced and popularised numerous additional handy tools that allows a trainer and student to sketch and record screen and to share and store data with in seconds. Asking a problem and answering them using online tools has never been so easy.

The future of learning is online not just because of this lock down! In my opinion it was the future even before and it will remain so until and unless there is a crash of internet.

Once a while I get students who says ''I want direct classes as I think it will be more clear''

I conduct direct classes too and I enroll them there.However those who has a problem with online training hardly realise that it is their problem and a problem with mind set. Adapting to online learning is the need of the hour and if one does not do that he looses out a lot of opportunities and some times misses a world class course. Of course there shall be careful validation of the course before enrolling, which I will cover towards the end of the article. You can enrol for free civil engineering online courses by subscribing to our site.

Most leading educationists and market researchers feels that many course creators will fully go online and only online in the near future. There is no point at that time to say I dont like online. That is going to be a norm and normal. It is like producing a drawing in the conventional style using a drafter and a drawing board vs AutoCAD. Those who adapt flourish and those who dont perish.

Advantages of online training

  • Flexibility - You can do your course any time - 24x7

  • Comfort - You can do it from the comfort of your home or during a break at office or site

  • Fee - Affordable fee. Most online course fee will be lesser than the direct one

  • Location - Some times a high quality course and a particular trainer may not be available in your city

  • Later reference - You can refer any time and every time.Access for a long time. You can refer the content and do future projects

As I mentioned earlier, the tools available now in the market allows a lot of sketching and recording and explaining which makes both a students and trainers life super easy.

For example, I use a lot of sketching using my digital pen when I explain the questions of my students.I use tools like loom to share the videos of the sketch.

If you look at my online course on etabs , you can see an assignment at the end of each section. You can also see some interactive quiz at the end of each module.

I also provide live interactions on phone,whatsapp and even skype or zoom.We also have a FB kind of communityin our platform that allows students to be in touch and discuss various topics.

There will be a lot of activities that are interesting that makes the learning refreshing. These are the things that allows one to remember technical points than blunt learning from books.

Some thing that you learnt in a different innovative way always remain in your mind.

Tools I suggest students for making the online training more interactive.

  • Skype,zoom,team viewer,google hangout - for interaction

  • Autodesk Sketch book for quick sketching

  • Loom to record your screen and share as a link

  • G-Drive and Google apps for saving docs

  • CODA as an alternative GDrive and MS word -It is a kind of combination of excel and word

  • Our learning platform also has some interactive features

You can also read my blog on CHECKLIST for choosing suitable civil engineering online courses.

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