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Structural design training using ETABS & Revit

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Civilera is a training division of structural design firm Design Dimensions.

We wanted a separate brand name for the online training and hence the name

This is a trademark too and we posess exclusive rights to use this name across the globe.

There are hundreds of training institutes across the globe who offers cheap training courses.

We stand out from rest of them in a very different way. All our civil engineering design courses are specific to structural design and BIM using Revit structures.

I thought to note down the differences in this blog and also offer you some technically rich content for your reference. These content is free of cost and I will summarise here in the end so that it becomes a reference library for students.

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  • We are Structural consultants and all our trainings are in a consulting perspective.

  • We are ethical in our design and we pass on all the industry practices,in the training.

  • We explain the bad industry practices and explains why we should not be following these.

  • We teach you to be economic adhering to codes. We can together make this world better!

  • We do not recommend you any software that is not needed for civil engineering profession

  • We provide real projects and make you independent designers.

  • We clarify your doubts even after the classes are over.

  • We issue completion certificates at the end of the course.

  • We cover manual designs,all basic concepts,scheme development and the entire codes





Structural Design Training using ETABS : This training covers etabs tutorials and manual design of structures.Etabs videos are advanced and cover loading,seismic analysis and Design using ETABS and by hand calculations

Foundation Design Training : This training covers design of isolated footing,combined footings,Raft foundation,Under reamed piles and normal pile foundations. We cover manual calculations and design using the SAFE features in ETABS

Structural Design Training using STAAD Pro : Staad pro training covers staad tutorials and manual design of structures.Staad pro course is advanced and cover loading,seismic analysis and Design using staad and by hand calculations.

Building Information (BIM) using Revit : We have civil design courses focusing on BIM and specifically Revit structures.When most institutes conducts revit classes in Revit Architecture you can learn Revit comprehensively covering concepts of worksharing and collaboration.

All these structural design courses /civil engineering classes online can be seen in our training page.

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