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About Us


We started off as a Structural consultancy firm in Bangalore in 2015. Cofounded by two structural Engineers Premjit  & Susmitha, the consulting firm diversified and now are providing one of the best structural analysis and design  training in the country in terms of its quality, conduct and content. We are pioneers in ETABS online training & Revit online training. The courses focus on all aspects including scheme,analysis,design,hand calculations,detailing and effective use of software.

These courses are structured  by our founders, keeping in mind the gaps in education. The extensive structural consulting experience they have while working with world class companies like Atkins is included in the courses.

We have walked a confident path of success, ethics and independence and take you step by step to success and independence.

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Our Core Values


As a structural consulting firm,we have been ethical in practice,providing the very best consulting solutions with out compromising any of the code provisions.


We instill the same ethics in our students. We pass on the very best consulting practices that ensures the future generation is ethical in addition to being technically sound.


We will continue to promote these values until we practice and we aim to contribute a breed of young engineers who love to do what  is right in design!

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Er. Premjit

Premjit is a Chartered structural engineer with 20 years of consulting experience in a variety of structures including buildings and underground metros. Before starting his own practice and training, he was working at senior positions in companies like Atkins, Jurong and Total Environment

He has extensive experience in projects based in India, middle east & UK.

Premjit has handled many multi-disciplinary multi office projects and was an early adopter of BIM and Revit in his projects. Always had interest in new software, systems and processes.

Has been extremely passionate about training and divides his time between training and consulting.   

He is a member of Institution of Engineers and also a member of Kochi consulting Engineers Association.

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Specialities of our Design Courses for Civil Engineering


100% Technical


Online, Direct and Hybrid Options


Learn something new in 4-6 weeks


Prices starting at about Rs.4,999/-

Earn a Course Certificate

Bag Civil Engineering Design Jobs

Every structural training in Civilera is taught by top instructors from world-class universities and companies, so you can learn something new anytime, anywhere. All the structural engineering design software we use for our consulting is taught in our courses. The courses provide insights to consulting practices & industrial requirement. Additional assignments, quizzes and projects makes you perfect. A shareable Course Certificate is provided upon completion of the course. Reference is given to eligible students.

Our Values

Sushmita Civilera



Er. Susmitha


She has her masters in civil engineering and is a passionate trainer.

She has vast experience in teaching students of civil engineering in various engineering colleges. This role has allowed her to exactly understand the gaps in education and every requirement of students. She has pivotal role in our diversification in to training from consulting. The right balance in teaching and consulting has allowed her to focus on the content development that suits every students aspiration. She divides her time between consulting and training.

She has extensive experience in water and environment structures and specialises in that field in addition to buildings.

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