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In a consulting perspective,you will learn the entire structural detailing of a building.
You will master how to develop layouts,all structural details from footings,columns,beams and slabs

You will learn all detailing rules and ductile detailing principles in real projects


AutoCAD Online Course - RC Detailing of Building Structures

  • The AutoCAD course covers RC detailing of Building structures​
  • All structural member detailing covered including footings​
  • You will leran AutoCAD in a Civil & Structural point of view​
  • You will be able to quickly produce layouts & Detailed drawings​
  • You will do real project detailing and learn revision control​
  • You will document  drawing issuing process as per industry practices​​
  • The course makes you job ready with all skillset for interviews

Why learn AutoCAD

AutoCAD is the most popular CAD software that industry has been using for producing CIVIL Engineering drawings. This includes structural layouts,structural details and all required drawings in the building industry. AutoCAD is used for producing Architectural drawings,MEP drawings and for any general arrangement drawing or detailed drawing.It is the most widely used generic detailing software.

Though BIM tools like Revit is becoming popular,AutoCAD 2D drawings are quickly produceable and no other detailing software can be closer to AutoCAD in its versatality.It will remain as a popular 2D drawing production tool even in the era of Building Information Modelling using Revit.

Any Civil Engineering Student need to learn AutoCAD as it is widely used in all fields of civil engineering.

Let it be structural Engineering,Surveying,Estimation of Quantities of materials, AutoCAD is required. Many analysis software like ETABS and STAADPro allows interoperatability.The AutoCAD drawings can be exported to ETABS and Staad and this makes the analysis modelling easier.

Civilera courses teach you how to use AutoCAD in real projects.Rather than teaching you the software in bits and pieces with commands,we teach you how to use AutoCAD for producing Structural drawings and Architectural drawings. You will be independent with knowledge of all detailing rules and code provisions after this course.


What you'll receive

What you'll develop


Building Structural Detailing

Instant & 24x7 Access


Complete Structural Detailing

Be Confident & Indpendent


Flexible Learning

Learn Anywhere, Anytime, Any device


Software Skills

Use Softwares professionally



Certificate on real projects


Build a Portfolio

Showcase your projects and design brief


1 to 1 Consultants Support

Clear your doubts directly by a consultant


Consulting Career 

Grab the best jobs by impressing in interviews


Modes of Training

AutoCAD Training is currently available in online live mode & direct classroom mode.The AutoCAD online course which is self paced mode is coming soon. All the modes of training covers the basics of AutoCAD and how to use them in Real project based situation.Emphasis is given to General Arrangement Drawings and Structural Details of all building structural members. All types of Foundation detailing,Column detailing,beam detailing and slab detailing will be covered. Secondary structures like stair,water tanks and retaining walls will also be covered.In addition to this Ductile detailing adopted in seismic zones are taught in detail. The course is useful for all stake holders including Architects and Civil Engineers.


Online Training

  • Self paced coming soon!

  • Live online up on request

  • Up to 5 projects for practice.

  • Flexible plans 

  • LIVE ONLINE options

  • As good as DIRECT Classes


Direct Training

  • Learn directly from experts

  • Clarification even after courses

  • Upt o 5 Projects for practice

  • Flexible plans

  • Repeat classes in new batches

  • Get free online access 

Instructor led online

9999 INR

Live class + Video access

Clarification even after course

Students Group

Rejoin any batch

Live class on zoom

Total fee of 9999

Payment in 2 instalments

Extra projects for practice

Contact us for a group enrollment

Self paced learning with Email  Support

4999 INR

Unlimited year access+SUPPORT

Clarification by mail & community

Students Group

No Direct Clarification

Convertible up on payment

   Total fee 4999

One Time payment

Extra projects for practice

Contact us for a group enrollment

Design & BIM courses

Rebar detailing can be carried out using Revit too and our Revit Structures course covers detailing.This course is particularly useful for Engineers who want to have a career in BIM or starting a firm of their own. Revit Architecture, though primarily useful for Architects and Engineers who are in to planning, it has become a neccessity for every one interested in working in a multi disciplinary firm. 

Design courses that we have

  • Building superstructure design using ETABS 

  • Building superstructure design using STAAD

  • Foundation design course that covers isolated footings,combined footings,Rafts and Pile foundations

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