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In a consulting perspective,you will learn the entire structural design of a building using STAAD Pro.
Developing a scheme, loading,analysis including seismic analysis,design and structural detailing by sketching is covered.
Hand checks,manual designs and detailing tips are covered.


StaadPro Training - Design of RCC & Steel Buildings

  • The Staad Pro course covers Analysis & Design of Building structures in RCC

  • As in our other course essential basic fundamentals are attended to

  • You will leran to use StaadPro as per industry practices in real projects

  • You will leran structural design by manual methods

  • How to cross check staadPro design by calculations

  • You will learn to document & detail and produce hand sketches 

  • The course makes you job ready with all skillset for interviews


Why Learn STAAD PRO?

STAAD stands for Structural Analysis and Design.StaadPro is the most popular general Analysis & Design Software useful for RCC and steel structures alike.Though STAAD Pro is not customised for a Building structural design like in ETABS,the tool has considerable advantages when it comes to non conventional geometry and special requirements.StaadPro is handy for quick analysis of secondary structures.It is widely used in infrastructure design like that of tunnels,bridges and culverts.

Staad is quite used in government organisations and old consultancies even now as most of them have not embraced the change to ETABS.The steel design capability of staad is in par with any other design software like ETABS. Staad Pro is partly compatible with Building Information tools like Revit. Bentley, the parent organisation of STAAD Pro has its own BIM products which are completely compatible.

Other advantages of STAAD Pro that makes it popular is its easiness of modelling complicated geometry,

Global useage,good technical support,availability of online STAAD Pro tutorials that are validated.

It supports a lot many International codes of practice,supports almost every material analysis.

All the powerplant structures,industrial structures etc are analysed and designed using StaadPro.Staad allows optimisation of member design by using the code recommended standard sections. Benteley has recently improved Staad V8i series to a select series which is much better.


What you'll receive

What you'll develop


Building Superstructure Design

Instant & 24x7 Access


Complete Scheme & Design

Be Confident & Indpendent


Flexible Learning

Learn Anywhere, Anytime, Any device


Software Skills

Use Softwares professionally



Certificate on real projects


Build a Portfolio

Showcase your projects and design brief


1 to 1 Consultants Support

Clear your doubts directly by a consultant


Consulting Career 

Grab the best jobs by impressing in interviews


Modes of STAAD Pro Training

Staadpro Training is currently available in online live instructor led mode & direct class room mode.The STAAD Pro online training in self paced mode is coming soon.STAAD Pro tutorials are being prepared by our consulting office with high quality content similar to 

that of ETABS content that you can see in our sample videos. In either mode of training and in all plans the content will be the same.StaadPro training is conducted with basics and fundamentals  of all relevant topics


Online Training

  • Self paced program!

  • Live online up on request

  • Up to 5 projects for practice.

  • Flexible plans 

  • LIVE ONLINE options

  • As good as DIRECT Classes


Direct Training

  • Learn directly from experts

  • Clarification even after courses

  • Upt o 5 Projects for practice

  • Flexible plans

  • Repeat classes in new batches

  • Get free online access 

Self paced online learning plan 

4999 INR

6 month access

Self Paced

Total Fee Rs.4999

One Time Payment

Extra projects for practice

Contact us for a group enrollment

Self paced learning plan

7499 INR

1 year access

Self Paced

   Total fee Rs.7499

One Time payment

Extra projects for practice

Contact us for a group enrollment

Self paced online learning plan 

9999 INR

3 year access

Self Paced

Total fee Rs.9999

One time payment

Extra projects for practice

Contact us for a group enrollment

Other courses

We provide another course in Design of buildings using ETABS which is more popular and useful.In addition to this,we have courses in Revit structures & Revit Architecture. The Revit courses are Building Information Modelling courses that is an emerging technolgy 

We also teach detailing of all structural members using AutoCAD

If you want to learn advanced analysis and foundations there is another course that you can see here.

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