Civil Engineering Internship

Civil & Structural Engineering Internship

These days internship for civil engineering students in Bangalore is mandatory. Our civil engineering courses can be taken as internship


We have internship for civil engineering & structural engineering for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. This will be on real civil engineering projects and you will learn various civil engineering courses in this internship.

Civil Software - ETABS, SAFE, STAAD, REVIT Structures, AutoCAD 

You will do civil engineering  project work in a systematic way covering all basics and civil softwares. This training can be useful to cover mandatory internship for civil engineering students. Useful for M Tech structures thesis.civil engineering mini project work, Mtech mini project work.

1 month internship - 1 COURSE (among 5) 15 days training+15 days project

2 month internship -2 COURSE (among 5) 30 days training+30 days project

3 month internship -3 COURSE (among 5) 45 days training+45 days project

6 month internship -5 COURSE (among 5) 90 days training+90 days project


Training in Colleges & Faculty Development Programmes

We conduct our training in colleges for civil engineering students and structural engineering students.Many collegesdo a group training in colleges as part of the civil engineering internship requirement. Some institutions offers our training as an additional training to reduce the gaps in understanding and equipping the students for civil engineering design jobs.

Gaps in education can be covered by active participation of Teachers aswell.We offer Faculty Development programmes for civil engineering lecturers and professors to enable them to understand the skills sought out by practicing consultants.We also conduct short workshops and online webinars in civil engineering for the benefit of the educators and students.

Webinar on BIM -A Faculty Development Programme

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Civilera provides world class training in structural design of buildings.Learn ETABS,SAFE,REVIT, STAAD & Detailing professionally

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