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Choose any of our courses and decide the number of months you want to learn based on your requirement.

You will be doing more projects and learning from it

The course content will be same as in our courses but you will have access to more number of projects.


Civil & Structural Engineering Internship courses

  • This internship benefits students of BE civil engineering

  • Students of can take this up as part of internship training

  • Can do a Mini Project or Final year project/Thesis

  • Project guidance will be provided.

  • Can choose any of the courses available

  • Group enrolment is available

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Civil & Structural Engineering Internship

These days internship for civil engineering students is useful for getting job ready. Our civil engineering courses can be taken as internship courses.


We have internship for civil engineering & structural engineering for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. This will be on real civil engineering projects and you will learn various civil engineering courses in this internship.

Civil Software - ETABS, SAFE, STAAD, REVIT Structures, AutoCAD 

You will do civil engineering  project work in a systematic way covering all basics and civil softwares. This training can be useful to cover internship for civil engineering students. Useful for M Tech structures thesis,civil engineering mini project work, Mtech mini project work.

1 month internship - 1 COURSE (among 5) 15 days training+15 days project

2 month internship -2 COURSE (among 5) 30 days training+30 days project

3 month internship -3 COURSE (among 5) 45 days training+45 days project

6 month internship -5 COURSE (among 5) 90 days training+90 days project


What you'll receive

What you'll develop


Building  Design Skills

Choose any course


Complete  Design Cycle

Be Confident & Indpendent


Flexible Learning

Any where, Any time, Any device.


Software Skills

Use Softwares professionally



Certificate of internship/projects


Build a Portfolio

Showcase your projects and design brief


1 to 1 Consultants Support

Clear your doubts directly by a consultant


Consulting Career 

Grab the best jobs by impressing in interviews


Modes of Internship Training

Civil Engineering internship can be taken in Direct mode or Online mode. There are various topics covered including software and projects.Based on the duration of the internship the number of software covered also will vary. There are internship programmes suiting BE Civil Engineering students, M.Tech Structures students & working civil engineers who want to shift the career to structural engineering.


Online Training

  • 24x7 from Comfort of Home

  • Clarification on mail & zoom. Up to 5 projects for practice.

  • Flexible plans 

  • LIVE ONLINE options

  • As good as DIRECT Classes


Direct Training

  • Learn directly from experts

  • Clarification even after courses

  • Upt o 5 Projects for practice

  • Flexible plans

  • Repeat classes in new batches

  • Get free online access 

1 Month Internship

30000 INR

Choose any 1 course 

1 Project


Detailing principles covered

Online & Direct

Total Fee Rs.30000

EMI available

Extra projects for practice

Contact us for a group enrollment

2 Months Internship

45000 INR

Choose any 2 courses

2 Projects


Detailing principles covered

Online & Direct

   Total fee Rs.45000

EMI available

Extra projects for practice

Contact us for a group enrollment

3 Months Internship

60000 INR

Choose 3 courses

3 Projects


Detailing using AutoCAD

Online & Direct

Total fee Rs.60000

EMI available

Extra projects for practice

Contact us for a group enrollment

6 Months Internship

75000 INR

Choose 4 courses

5 Projects


AutoCAD+CSI Detailer

Online & Direct

Total fee Rs.75000

EMI available

Extra projects for practice

Contact us for a group enrollment

Training in Colleges & Faculty Development Programmes

We conduct our training in colleges for civil engineering students and structural engineering students.Many colleges do group training in as part of the civil engineering internship requirement. Some institutions offers our training as an additional training to reduce the gaps in understanding and equipping the students for civil engineering design jobs.

Gaps in education can be covered by active participation of Teachers aswell.We offer Faculty Development programmes for civil engineering lecturers and professors to enable them to understand the skills sought out by practicing consultants.We also conduct short workshops and online webinars in civil engineering for the benefit of the educators and students.

Webinar on BIM -A Faculty Development Programme

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