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In a consulting perspective,you will learn the entire Architectural modelling of a building.
You will learn modelling,sketching,layout preparation,detailing.

Basics of worksharing and co-ordination is also covered in this course. 



  • This course focus on REVIT Architecture  & BIM fundementals​

  • All the basics are explained in a way to suit Architects

  • All modelling needed to produce Architectural layouts  covered​

  • All basics of linking & collaboration covered​

  • Worksharing basics covered in this Revit course​

  • You will learn to document and quantify materials ​

  • The course makes you job ready with all skillset needed


Why learn REVIT Software for Architecture

Most Architectural firms are shifting from CAD platform to BIM using Revit. Revit software is globally used and the versatility that Revit brings makes it extremely popular among all the BIM tools in the Architectural industry. The changes in the scheme can be easily controlled and coordinated. Revit is parametric in nature and this reduces the amount of abortive work one has to do when there are changes and clashes between other discipline drawings. 

Autodesk has set a high standard for Revit Software. Autodesk Revit Architecture software is evolved from AutoCAD.The AutoCAD user patterns over decades are carefully analyzed and incorporated into Revit. This makes Revit extremely responsive and an early user of Revit will enjoy the fact that Revit many times foresee what a user wants in the next step of modelling. This behavior makes the work more enjoyable and quick.

Revit Architecture software online courses at Civilera helps you master BIM using Revit. In addition to that, there is a great balance between Architecture, civil & structures in our Revit online course which makes it more beneficial for all stakeholders.

Collaboration, Interdisciplinary linking, work-sharing etc are new concepts which were earlier being done manually. Now a multi-disciplinary project can be fully co-ordinated within Revit and clashes can be detected and sorted with less direct meetings. The amount of time saved by itself makes Revit a superior tool. The human error probability is reduced considerably as Revit is parametric. 

BIM and BIM using Revit is going to be the next big shift in the way Architects work. This change is even bigger than the shift from a manual drawing board to CAD a few decades back. 

Equipp yourself with this learning to embrace the new BIM world.


What you'll receive

What you'll develop


Building Information Modelling

Instant & 24x7 Access


Complete Modelling & Detailing

Be Confident & Indpendent


Flexible Learning

Learn Anywhere, Anytime, Any device


Software Skills

Use Softwares professionally



Certificate on real projects


Build a Portfolio

Showcase your projects and design brief


1 to 1 Consultants Support

Clear your doubts directly by a consultant


Consulting Career 

Grab the best jobs by impressing in interviews


Modes of Training

Revit Architecture course can be taken in Direct mode or Online mode. Real project is explained in Revit online course so that even working professionals can seamlessly shift from AutoCAD platform to Revit.

The different payment plans in online self paced mode has same content.Different access duration and different modes of doubt clariffication is made available


Online Training

  • 24x7 from Comfort of Home

  • Clarification on mail & zoom. Up to 5 projects for practice.

  • Flexible plans 

  • LIVE ONLINE options

  • As good as DIRECT Classes


Direct Training

  • Learn directly from experts

  • Clarification even after courses

  • Upt o 5 Projects for practice

  • Flexible plans

  • Repeat classes in new batches

  • Get free online access 

Self paced learning with Email & phone Support

7499 INR

1 year access+SUPPORT

Clarification by mail once a week

Students Group

No Direct Clarification

Convertible up on payment

   Total fee 7499

EMI on card available

Extra projects for practice

Contact us for a group enrollment

Direct classroom or instructor led online

Direct class + access

Clarification even after course

Students Group

Rejoin any batch

Rejoin any batch

Contact us

EMI on card available

Extra projects for practice

Contact us for a group enrollment

Other BIM & Design courses

Civilera has design,detailing and BIM courses. Engineers can focus on Revit structures in addition to this course. Those who want to concentrate on design can take courses in superstructure and Foundation design. Both these courses are available using different software.Basics and content will be same irrespective of the software. ETABS is more popular in modern companies and for building structures. Steel structures and generic structures design is still carried our using STAAD Pro. Some of the firms in government sector also uses conventional software like AutoCAD & STAADPro

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