How to find a Civil Engineering Job & have a civil engineering career?

Are there job opportunities in civil engineering? Are you looking for a civil engineering career or a civil engineering job? Is there a difference between these? Well, when you enjoy your work and excel and contribute to civil engineering then you can say that you have a career. Now how do you achieve that. Many things should fall in place for that to happen. And you decide most of it. Its in your hands to make a successful career in civil engineering. It’s how early you plan, how early you identify the gaps in skills, how better you skill yourself and your attitude that will decide your career.

Most civil engineering graduates are trying to follow a conventional path when it comes to career. Wait till graduation without thinking or planning or even knowing about the industry. After graduation hoping to grab a job in some structural design firms or a government job or a site engineering role. Most of the time with out any additional planning during studies, they hope someone will recommend or some training center will place. That’s not the way to plan.

Many more opportunities are waiting for you if you plan well before your job hunt.

You will have to know the below mentioned points to have a successful career. Some of it and some of you can find it as a fresher, some of you evolve through your experience and find your correct path. However, as a fresher, you should do your best to identify these key points. If you can’t find it yourself, seek help from a mentor.

  • Know your interest & skillset – What area in civil engineering excites you? This decides a lot. You may not be aware of all of the opportunities available. That’s why it is so important to be in touch with seniors, peers and experts in the industry. You reached this blog now and you can read and know the various opportunities available. A senior and mentor can help you out much more in identifying your interest and skillset.

  • Know your weakness and gaps in education – if you are a fresher, you need a mentor & internship to even realize you have a gap. If you are still a student, look out to meet a mentor and do an internship in the right way, right now.

  • Know the demand in the industry – You should be reading the latest trends in the industry

  • Know what others are doing – You need to be in a larger community of people similar to you.

I have listed down a few areas where young civil engineers can focus to find the right civil engineering job and a career.

Structural Design Companies

Structural engineering is a field where we learn about the structural behavior and structural design of various structures like buildings, bridges, tunnels, flyovers, and many more. This field demands basic concepts and software skills alike.

As we know Many multinational companies and local structural offices recruit new engineers. If your basics are strong and have good software knowledge like ETABS you can get a job in these design firms. It will be better if you do an internship or training before a job that surely ensure confidence in your work. Good command over the design and analysis and high practical common sense will make a real success in this field. Basic software like AutoCAD, STAAD Pro, ETABS, BIM, Revit, and MS Excel are an added advantage for this job hunt. Good technical knowledge and IS codes interpretation & knowledge of other relevant international codes will be an added advantage. After gaining surplus experience, you can be an entrepreneur by becoming a licensed engineer.

Skill set needed in larger corporates and MNC firms:

These companies do a variety of outsourced works. You will have to research on the kind of the works they do and develop your skillset. Some of the MNCs outsourcing works from their abroad offices are listed below. Most of the works are UK, US and middle east based. Graduates in civil engineering and post graduates have equal opportunities. All these companies advocate gender equality and provides equal opportunities to everybody.

ATKINS – One of the earliest GDC in India. Now have offices in Bangalore and Delhi. They have divisions ranging from buildings, rails, highways, water & environment to Aero space engineering. Job opportunities includes structural design, structural detailing, co-ordination and delivery management in these sectors. Many software like ETABS, SAFE, STAAD, ROBOT, Revit, MicroStation, Tekla are used in different departments. I was fortunate to work in the buildings and rails station design team in Atkins for several years.

ARCADIS – This is another major MNC having operations in India and Bangalore in particular. Arcadis also have a big presence as much as Atkins and have departments ranging from Water and Environment, Bridges to infrastructure development.

There are many more similar firms operating from India. Some of them are AECOM, Balfour Beatty, WSP and Jacobs and Mott MacDonald. Since metro rail works are going on in most major cities in India, there are also many firms like Systra doing these major infrastructure works.

Take a look at another blog I have on the skills needed.