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Top structural design Training institutes in Bangalore and Kochi - A checklist to shortlist

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Online Structural Engineering courses are in demand.There are many institutes offering courses on ETABS,SAFE,Revit,Staad Pro,Tekla and so on.

Structural design courses in Bangalore is sought out by many students from neighboring cities like Kochi,chennai and Hyderabad aswell.

A few tips to select the best training in structural design using ETABS and Revit

1) Verify if the courses are conducted by a senior structural consultant

2) Ensure that even if the training is offered by a senior, day to day classes are conducted by a senior practicing consultant and not a junior

3) Ensure you get a complete project experience

4) Ensure you get option to clarify doubts even after the classes

5) Check if the course you are opting for is what the institute is known for

6) Check ratings and reviews

7) Check with students who have completed the course -However with good students.Technically unsound students can give bad reviews even if the course is good!

8) Check if any online demo courses are available

9) Check if the institute provides certifications

10) Dont fall in the package offer - Learn only relevant software.Probably ETABS,SAFE and Revit Structures is all what you need.

11) Finally look for the fee affordability.

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