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CoronaVirus - Precautions for the Civil & Structural Engineering world

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

This is a structural engineering blog. Still I wish to write about this topic here.This is not some thing that you or I can ignore. Let us do our bit to take care. Don't panic. There is nothing yet to panic. The number of cases in India is far less. There has been a lot of people recovering from the disease.Timely medical help has helped.However the entire world is being careful. We also have to be.

It is not just a civil & structures problem.However I will try to mention some specific things we civil engineers can do to be safe.Please write to me if you find more relevant precautions so that I will add those.


Most of my readers are students. Let us start with them.

Students in college are at close proximity.Friends share things from stationaries like pen to every thing including food. First & foremost thing every one should do is -

IF you have any SYMPTOMS of corona infection,take leave. Be at home. Report to the health department.

It is the infected person who can help the most in controlling the spreading.

Use hand sanitiser in abundance, wash your hands often.

Keep your hands away from your face.Practice it.No other way. It is proved that touching the face,eyes,nose are the main reasons for the spread.

Ensure the wash area is sanitised atleast 2 times a day. Ensure you talk to teachers and authorities to get this done if not being done.

All other general precautionary measures also valid. Read the last section.


Most of the above applies in any environment.However at office , there are some more precautations that might be useful

Sharing of computer accessories like mouse and other gadgets shall be avoided. Better to sanitise them occationally.

If one has a history of travelling to any of the infected countries, better work from home. If you are an employer, be sensitive to these needs from staff. Also sanitise the common area door handles and disable any biometric attendance.If the presence of a staff at work is not mandatory,allow work from home.

These liitle steps can help a big way in combating the disease.


Follow the same hygiene basics.

Avoid sharing gadgets and safety helmets and gloves.These shall be sanitised aswell.

Wear a face mask.Use hand wash and sanitiser more frequently as you might be in contact with metallic surfaces in public work places.

As a staff or as an employer, these points are very important to adhere to.


Quarantine yourself if you have any symptoms.

Spread the information so that people are aware of the issues. Dont assume all knows about corona.

Wear a mask if you have any symptoms.Report to health department.Avoid travel.Use private transport if ever you need to travel.

Prevent mis information

Envourage people to practice hygiene.


We can all hope and pray that the spead of this virus subsides and world will bounce back to normalcy very soon.This outbreak has once again proven how insignificant humans are in the cosmic scale.There is no place for being proud and for being arrogant. Hope this virus subsides and we humans become more liberal and accomodative,sensible and more humane!

Please share this with your circles and do your bit in creating awareness.Let us all be united in this effort. Provide your comments so that I can include more valid points.

Thank you.

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